The University of North Carolina Greensboro holds public service in the highest regard. UNCG incorporates service-learning into our curriculum, encourages alumni to continue their community outreach after graduation, and reveres our state’s most dedicated citizens.

To further our tradition of honoring North Carolinans with exemplary public service records, UNCG seeks your help in identifying the 2019-20 nominees for the Charles Duncan McIver Award and the Holderness/Weaver Award. The most prestigious public service honors given by the University, these awards demonstrate UNCG’s value of civic engagement.

Your careful consideration and nomination of a devoted, inspirational citizen will be extremely helpful to our committee and the Board of Trustees. Nominations are currently closed.

The Charles Duncan McIver and Holderness/Weaver Awards will be presented at UNCG’s 2019-2020 University Honors event.

Read about the awards presented for 2017-2018.